INTRODUCTION As a teacher one is involved directly in the evaluation of the learner. Teachers teach and help the learners to learn. The learning that takes place is assessed or evaluated not only for the learner's benefit but also for the teacher to evaluate his own work. At the end of a lesson or a … Continue reading ACHIEVEMENT TEST



Everything in the nature will be done for particular purpose; it becomes easy to achieve it when we know its objectives or goal as well. Such as every pilot has a route-chart and set timing of landing at predetermined destination. Every country has a constitution or set of Principles and traditions, through which a country … Continue reading EDUCATIONAL AIM’S AND OBJECTIVES

Concept of teacher effectiveness

Concept of teacher effectiveness “Teacher is a student for ever in his career.” Introduction The World Declaration on Education for All, states that primary education must be universal to ensure that the basic needs of all children are met. Basic learning needs are defined in terms of the essential learning tools and the basic learning … Continue reading Concept of teacher effectiveness